My motorized west coast choppers bike 97cc 4 stroke

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by diceman2004, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Looks awesome DiceMan, but link is bad for your vid. (or is it on my end?)
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    bad link ?

    hey there dan , you probably seen my bike elsewhere , i think the link is like that because i,m a new guy on this site , seems like the newbies have the same thing goin on with thier vids

    i tried to fix it , but it comes up with that url thing in brackets , same vid is on the other site anways
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    Awesome! Sounds great Dice. Thanks EW

    Think I am getting old. Or as Elton says, "A couple of the sound that I really like
    Are the sounds of a some thing and a motorbike"
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    I think you wanted 'switchblade' !!!!
    do I win anything ??? LOL
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    LOL. "Tell him what he has won Johny!; A brand new car!

    Put the wrench down Bill!


    Hey, gonna PM ya. Need help. Sick kid but not sure he is close enough to ya. I am paying but might be a haul. If all else fails, can you ask some one? Wanna ebike a trike we sent him

    Is the kid in my vid. lost use of the legs. I love this kid
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    Hey dice man
    That's super nice,sounds great too.
    I got the exact same bike and motor. Was planning on doing the same build only trying to keep the pedal power too. After seeing your vid maybe Jackshaft and no pedal power is the way to go. Just a few questions. What is the bottom end and top speed like?
    What are the specs on the rear sprockets and Jackshaft sprockets ?

    I've searched for others but haven't found much. I'm not real computer savvy so that could be part of the prob. Lol.