My Motozed Scwhinn Cruiser! ...Slowly adding on upgrades (:

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    Okay so we have...a 26"..Steel Rims...nice sturdy frame. Genuine Scwhinn bike...7-speed. #41 roller chain from fleet farm. I added fully adjustable mirrors...they swing on a pivot..I can slide them up and down the shaft and they tilt! I added a custom arch tensioner..My friend lynn came up with the idea. It's sweet! And im going to be adding a chrome air filter...eventually upgrade the carb...going to add lights...and hopefully a vintage needle speedometer! Some other upgrades too but here's what I got! (My motor broke near the sprocet cover :( first time it's happened out of 30 some builds) Weird...I dont care... it works! My finest original tesnioner was a homemade spring loaded it's the arch and i ride around on it HASSLE FREE! What do you think? Have any cool ideas of accesories I can add?(nothing engine related please :p) I'm going to bea dding chrome engine covers later on!

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