My name is Ricky, and I am lost.

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    I just bought a new car and am moving to Norfolk Virginia in a few months to attend Old Dominion University. I don't want to drive my car too much around this terrible place due to me terrified of people dinging, scratching, etc. my car. Also don't want to skateboard or anything that requires me to sweat. So I want to make an electric bike, also kinda want to do it just for fun.

    I will be picking up a mountain bike from my uncle in about a week, so no bike as of yet, but I do have some other things.

    I have 2 x 12v 145ah batteries and a treadmill electric motor - peak 2.25hp, 1.3hp continuous @ 95V 18amps.

    Now clearly you see the issue haha, I'm having trouble finding a GOOD way to convert the 24v to 95/96v for the motor.

    Any suggestions? Also, will this treadmill motor work?

    If I'm not relaying enough info for a solution etc, please tell me, I'm very new to electronics of this kind.

    Thanks in advance! :grin5:

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    Welcome to MBc, Ricky. I doubt you'll get a direct answer to that question here in the introduction section, but if you ask that same question in the "Electric Motors & Related Components" section I'm sure you'll get some replies. We have some very technically-minded members who spend a lot of time in the e-bike section, and I'm sure someone will know what you need to do.
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    I have to post 30 times before being capable of doing so, haha, but thanks for the welcome man!

    From what I'm seeing, it's most efficient to use a Boost Converter.

    No idea how to make one even after browsing google search lol.
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    Either you are confused or something is wrong. Try Kilroys advice.....if it does not work then PM me or Kilroy.

    Here is a link:
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