My neighbor just gave me a lawnmower motor

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by JapanStunnaz, Aug 30, 2015.

  1. JapanStunnaz

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    Idk the specs on this thing; idek if it's really for a lawnmower. All I know is, it was sent from heaven rn. Cold part is I been wanting to make a go kart too. I'm on!

    I would post pics but my iPhone 6 won't let me. I might make a video & link it. It's really dope though.

  2. The_Aleman

    The_Aleman Active Member

    If it is for a lawnmower, it won't really work for a motor-assisted bicycle or a go-kart, as lawnmowers typically use vertical-shaft engines.

    What you want is a horizontal-shaft engine.
  3. butre

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    vertical shaft engines can be converted fairly easily. just remove the existing oiling system and make a flicker that attaches to the connecting rod. also figure out a proper angle for the carb
  4. JapanStunnaz

    JapanStunnaz New Member

    Yeah I've watched a few vids of guys tweaking theirs
  5. 2old2learn

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    I've got a John Deere Silver Jubilee self propelled electric start hand held mower with a 4.5 hp aluminum 4stroke Kawasaki pressurized lube system engine on it with a vertical shaft that I've often wondered if that could be repurposed for a MAB? Would be nice to have a start button!
  6. SunkyWorks

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