My new addition to the stable

Well the price was right so I could not resist. The interesting thing about is the fact that all the parts are Whizzer but the VIN and title say it is a Cyclone Cruzzer. I have not had much luck finding info on this thing. It looks to be the same as as a Whizzer Pacemaker. It is a 2000 with 214 miles on the speedometer. Any ideas?


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RdKryton,I have a 99 Whizzer that i bought new in 99.At about the same time i meet a guy at a motorcycle swap meet selling the Cyclone Crussers.I think they were made by the same manfacture in Taiwan.The guy marketing them i think was out of St. Louis. The upper ends on the first Whizzers were not to good. They kept blowing the head gasket. You may want to upgrade with the new Whizzer Upper End Mod Kit. You can look at the kit at the Whizzer web site. The upgrade is about 400 bucks.
i hate to burst your bubble but whizzer quit selling kits, just complete bikes now - the s.o.b.'s pardon my french! now if we can find out more about the cyclone cruisers & who sells them?
WAVYGRAVY, If you go to the Whizzer Motorbike you will see they do sell a engine upper end mod kits.So before you blow off with your french check it out.And by the way they don't sell cyclone cruisers any more.They (cyclone cruisers)are Whizzers.
I think we had a 'failure to communicate' here guys !!!
my take on it was, whizzer stopped selling their build kits to install in your own frame
hollywood is talking about the engine jug/head upgrade kit
Cyclone, Cruiser, and Whizzer

Hi Gang, AZ is correct! The Cyclone, and Cruiser models were a "backdoor" project from the Whizzer factory. It was a one-shot deal, but a rather large one!

ALL wc-1 Whizzers, Cruisers, and Cyclones will eventually need (and very definately benifit from) the NE-5 upgrade.

In addition to blowing head gaskets, you will probably suffer from the exhaust valve parting company with the barrel, and will need to replace the barrel, and cylinder head, and exhaust manifold, which means get the upgrade kit, and go NE. You will be glad you did!

Anyway, don't waste your time looking for factory rep, dealer or showroom for those 2 models, go directly to your "friendly neighborhood Whizzer Dealer" if he cannot help you I can!

Does the fact that this is a limited unit and even though it has all Whizzer parts does that make it a collector piece? Just curious. I'm still gonna ride.

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I really don't think it's a collecter piece. But i would take warning as to what MotorbikeMike and i said about the upper end mod kit or it may cost you big bucks later on. Good luck and happy riding.
Just a little information about upgrading your motor. The Whizzer NE cylinder upgrade kit makes the motor industructable and faster too. The kit retails for $395.00 and includes everthing needed to make the upgrade, however there is a less expensive way to convert the motor. Just replace the cylinder, head, head bolts, head gasket [use copper version], exhaust manifold, base gasket, and compression cover gasket. Using the original piston, wrist pin, rings, and carburetor will save lots of money and end up with very similar results. The original WC-1 carburetor can be used by simply drilling out the threads in the mounting flange. It should be possible to make the conversion for under $300.00. I am sure there are Whizzer dealers that would supply the NE cylinder for less than the $198.05 retail price [the most expensive part of the upgrade], and I have myself in the past offered a completely modified & ported NE cylinder for less than the stock NE cylinder retail price. If anyone needs better pricing or modified Whizzer parts PM me for details.