My New (and first!) Motorized Bike

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    This is my new motorized bike I just finished! I picked up the bike as a closeout floor model for $80 as I was walking out the door of the store! Decided to motorize it (sounds like a good idea for us old people) so I added a ZZ80BK motor kit, rear rack, saddlebags, speedo, LED headlight, LED fork lights, two rear LED down tube lights, and a rear view mirror. Stillyet to come are front and rear caliper brakes with a dual pull lever, brake lights and turn signals, horn, and a rear trunk bag with ANOTHER red flashing LED. The bike is Kent Street Cruiser and seems to be of decent quality. Oh yeah, I will also be adding MORE padding to the seat and a suspension seat post. I just ordered an NGK Iridium BPR6HIS plug for it. It seems to take forever to warm up. I hope this changes as the engine breaks-in. ANY SUGGESTIONS??:D

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    Very Clean build +1.
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    nice....really like the bags on bikes
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    Good job!!!!~
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    Thank you very much!

    Just installed the NGK Iridium plug and a much better fuel filter. Made all the difference in the world! Went to O'Reilly's and paid $2.99 for the filter and $6.99 for the plug (as opposed to $2.49 for a copper plug). Worth every penny!Got about 15 miles in today and so far, so good. One more gallon to go until break-in is complete!
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