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  1. super dave

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    finnally got my boxer bike in from pipelyne. i am really inpressed with the detail these guys have put into this bike. all quailty parts rite from the start. i know we have all seen some pics already, but check out the colour i went. when i asked dean if he could do flat black he said no problem. at first he wasn't sure on the colour but once it was done it turned out good.

  2. Easy Rider

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    Did you know Meyer's or DDM has neoprene gas tank covers. I ordered one for mine.

    DJEEPER Member

    what engine is that?
    Where did you get the kick start from?!

  4. sam1304

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    thats a spanking bike ye have there mate.
    do you have a link for the site?
  5. NiteSpy

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    I think I'm completely green with envy. Those things look like a ball to ride on dirt or asphalt.
  6. super dave

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    sorry no web site yet, got his number from picture gallery i know he is busy but i am sure he will answer calls, i would say look at all the pics first that you can find in the gallery. i will answer any question i can to help you out then call 408-2792307
  7. sam1304

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    cool man thanks very much.
  8. Skyliner70cc

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    Does this MB come with an engine? Please give us more details regarding this build.
  9. bluegoatwoods

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    Yes, this is interesting.

    It looks for all the world like the proverbial high quality happy time engine.

    And that bike is very unusual. But it looks like a good design, all the same.
  10. super dave

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    i think just depends on certain performance upgards or improvements found by pipelyne this is how the bike comes (complete rtr ) and which colours they will produce in. for now i think that it is still in small production numbers for now. somewhere around only 20 bikes already built so far. Dean tells me he can step up production. when i got my bike i had it ship to me by transport (cali to toronto) once i did get the bike together just bars pedals and front wheel to put on and then a overall check, ready to run.[​IMG]
  11. Happy Valley

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    Is there a tranny on that engine? Any pedal gearing?
  12. Easy Rider

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    It's a single speed Morini Motor that revs around to 15k. Also, we relized that there isn't really a need for pedal gearing for this bike for two main reasons. The motor is strong enough and during rough terrain riding, the chain would come off because of it bouncing around from the spring loaded derailer.
  13. Just_Gasit

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    Very nice

    That is a sweet ride there. I could totally see myself tooling around in the hills on one. I would really like to know more about how it performs. How fast is it? I am assuming this bike is for trail riding, off road only right?
  14. super dave

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    well all i can tell you this bike is sweet. i feel after three days of riding the boxer yes it is an offroad bike, rides really well and very stable on the dirt and gravel trails we have here around the city. we also have many paved bike paths and this bike handles the pavement really well and smooth. the suspension works great. the speed is around 35 mph, but with this motor it has lots of torque so when it comes up on the pipe look out your gone. on a scale of 1-10 it is a ten for sure. the one thing that i do like about this bike is no clutch so pedal a bit and give her a twist. to give you something to compare to, my 80 cc is fast and maybe more top end but this one is so much smoother and has a more useable power band though the twisty pathways. big difference is the total package is built to suit the engine and pipe package. once you see the bike and ride it you will big hooked !!! no word of a lie
  15. bacon3787

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    How much did it cost total?
    is there any option when it comes to engine size?
  16. How sweet is that!

    I'm drooling for a Red one!
  17. davidsis

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    Wow, that is cool. How much?
  18. Easy Rider

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    Today we had a booth at Laguna Seca during the AMA Road Bike race. Thousands of pictures were taken and hundreds were interested about the bikes.
    Dave, Mine is the black one on the high stand!

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  19. motorbikele_man

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    i have been loking at them myself for a few months now, and considering i have an easy $1500 into my tandemonium, i think it is an awesome deal for a cool $2500 or so, i am activeley saving up for mine right now... in blue!