My new Happy Time TREK Cruiser project! Well....the start of...

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    So, I got this cool Trek beach cruiser which had previously been fitted with a 2-stroke HT motor but the previous owner fubar'd
    the frame. :( I will be filling in the holes....anyway.... needs a new pedal crankI'm repainting the gray part of the frame a dark glossy blue to go with the maroon
    then I will be adding a 66cc HT with upgrades coming. There will be a front disc brake, and a rear V-brake.
    pictures do not do this beauty justice! it came to me with no bars,and no seat! I will keep you all posted! I will have this all done within the next

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I does look like a nice bike for motoring.

    But are you sure you can fit a happy time into that frame? Looks a bit small.

    But you say that someone already had a motor in it? Maybe that answers my question.....
  3. Donavan321

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    Yeah, a happy time will fit, even better with a slanted head, it's a 26" frame...wasnt able to get my disc brake I wanted :( adding a V brake to the front instead... as well as a suspension fork, I haven't decided on the paint job yet, it may be a green-ish color where the gray goes. Motor is arriving on saturday.