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  1. HeadSmess

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    due to the pending ban on motorised bicycles in my state, and probably the entire country to follow, i got meself a bike.

    being a bit of a two stroke fanatic, i wanted a two popper. also something small, cus the main reason i was on a pushy was that im >.< that far from losing my license for two years, which equals certain doom where i live.

    gumtree answered my prayers and delivered me an NSR150SP, for a total of $800.

    didnt have to do blinkers, a battery... the odd bolt here and there. new keys, and im registered :)

    not bad for 1/3 the going price :)

    ring ding ding! now im busy searching out a new top end because sooner or later ill need to do a rebuild...typical two stroke.

    oh, it starts easy or two kicks and a bit of choke, remembering to turn the headlights off first, because that makes a big difference for some reason?

    really, a new engine, just for the spare parts but hey... i take what i can get for now.

    and theres the lack of a decent puter for my favourite tuned pipe software, so im waiting on that before i start to make some really hotpipes for it :)

    then itll scream! the stock exhaust leaves much to be desired... at least its fairly quiet, i guess.

    oooh, and the manual actually lists the porting details!

    i suppose ill have to take pics before i write it or myself off...this things like riding a gokart when everyone else is driving tanks :)

    completely gutless below 7k but then the band kicks in and WEEEEEE! off it goes like a scalded cat :)

    way more fun than the old bikes, the gpz750 and the hyodung 650... and way cheaper to register :)

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    congratulations on your new bike. anything with two wheels is good but anything fast is great!
    Picture 27.jpg
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  4. HeadSmess

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    yep, thats the lil sucker!

    interesting that it has a "boost bottle" of some type on the manifold... :p at least, theres a big canister connected up down there and it isnt the carby!

    i got the repsol one, orange and...aqua? cyan? ultramarine? you get my drift.

    one sided swingarm makes for easy tyre changes, for when i have to get around to that. (did i mention it came with a spare front wheel to boot?)

    no more rolling it back when doing tyre pressures, the valve is always accessible, no matter where it ends up :D.

    mightnt be so easy to adjust the chain. have to make an oversized "pin" spanner for it. why buy?

    and the eccentric adjuster...well, i had the same sort of thing on the gpz... it adjusts your steering geometry at the same time! sort of a disadvantage? iunno. depends which way from the horizontal line you go. axle over increases trail, makes it slower, axle under reduces trail (lifts rear end up) making it turn faster.

    i notice in the video, it looks like he has pushed the forks up about 10mm from standard in the triple clamps. (they stick up some due to the handlebars normally mounting up there, but they still look dropped?) same deal. less trail. steeper fork angles. faster steering.

    when it comes to chain, im doing what i do on every other bike...throw the power sapping Oring chain away and run plain chain :) so what if i chew em up faster? i go faster as well! and theyre a lot cheaper to buy!
  5. darwin

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    Yea I bought me a Kymco 150 scoot, thing is a blast. I just had the urge for more speed...............nice bike Headsmess, wear a helmet and no shortcuts ok.