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    My experience with Whizzers is limited to my rides on the back of a friends bike in Kittery, Maine in the summer of 1961. The feeling of freedom and thrill of exploration are still with me today.

    Now retired, I have decided to build a Whizzer of my own. I currently have what seems to be a new 26" frame. It is in grey primer with (1) upper & (1) lower motor mount welded on.

    My first addition was to be an vintage replica springer style front end; however, after reading the forum I realize it may be too weak for a motorized bike. The education process begins.

    I look forward to reading the clubs threads, learning and hopefully sharing some of my experiences as a bumbling newbie.

    My first question may be misplaced in this forum, but the steering tube on my frame is 5" long, unthreaded, & has an inside diameter of 1.17"- what size tube is it?

    Best regards to all, Bill.