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May 19, 2021
Hi guys.

Hope all is well with my fellow obsessors of two-wheelers of the combustion-powered-variety....

I've took a coupla weeks off from fiddling around with my Schwinn chopper, having done that however, I got right back into it earlier today by giving my drive-chain setup a quick simplification in the way of removing the spring-loaded chain tensioner. Now she runs not only quieter, it 'feels' like it's putting less strain on the donk and the entire setup....

Anyways, here's the 'before' & 'after' pics below.

I modified the chain tensioner at the rear 32-tooth sprocket by shortening the length of the tensioner arm in order to relocate the rear tensioner pulley to slightly change the feed angle of the chain leading into the rear sproket, this was done to reduce the chance of the chain coming off the sproket.

The spring-loaded tensioner that I'd custom fabricated out of a lightened section of billet aluminium bar was removed and the whole lot runs so much more smoother... it was soooo worth the half-hour of weekend effort lol....

Anyways, just before I finish up, check out the cruiser I'd just picked up !

I normally won't worry too much about the color as I'm a strong backer of the 'Go before Show' concept... but this blue !! ... My turbocharged VW hatch is the same blue and I love it !! I'm thinking about a billet-case MS660 chainsaw jug or a Minarelli Vertical hybrid powerplant for it.... I'm starting to sweat just thinking about it. So what do u guys think fellas ?


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