My new project

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any ideas for mounting the tank on this kinda of frame?

I was going to use that Micargi bike frame for my project. I was going to cut off the side panels of the "tank" and weld on a real tank. You could just make a new mounting strap for the tacky looking tank that comes with the kit. You most likely will need to drill and tap the frame to hold a screw.

I decided on the Micargi Bronco frame that will be modded to look like this:
I invert the brackets.Drill holes and pop rivet inverted brackets.I put 3 rivets in each bracket.Hope this trick of mine helps Connoisser.
How about one of these mounted behind the seat post?

(Sorry, I don't remember exactly who first posted this link, so I can't attribute it properly.)

That's brilliant! It could even be wrapped in leather to appear like a tool pouch thus preserving the "bicycle" look.

My concern is height above the carb. These engines are gravity fed and do not have a fuel pump correct?
1 Gallon Tour Tank

Hey thanks for the link to the tour tank. i think this may look good mounted on the handlebars of the bike. being that i have the ape hangers on this build. im trying to find 1 for cheaper though.
It was Old Pete who originally posted the link to Tour Tanks. A veritable fountain of good info (Old Pete) in my opinion.