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    Finally, she is done...

    I will take her all apart to paint her in a day or two, but I was too excited about riding my new bike, so it will have to wait.

    I threw a spin on the MB theme I guess, but it turned out pretty good I think. The tubing is easily removed from the seat post and I will most likely use plastic zip ties to run the throttle cable so it can be removed if need be.

    The engine is a Briggs & Stratton 6.5 horsepower horizontal shaft with a 12 tootth clutch and the live axle holds a 42 tooth sprocket.

    The tubing seems to rotate easily on the seat post making for easier turning. I have about 10 miles of riding on it so far, and all seems to be going well with it. Will have to figure out MPG's sometime soon, but it has used very little gas so far as I let off the throttle on flat roads and coast alot.

    I left some extra room on the back of the trailer near the axle, may strap on an extra gas container there for the long rides!

    It seems to have plenty of power and torque to go up some steep hills around where I live as I weigh 230lbs myself. I do notice that on very sandy spots, the wheel loses traction, but When I put the keyway back in the other wheel, I think it will go away (left it out for now to test turning and traction).

    Any thoughts on my new bike???


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    hi; nice build, what i can see of it, how about some pics in daylight.
  3. AWESOME!!!

    Man,that's so simple it's a wonder why everyone doesn't already have one.