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    Recently purchased some rims I found online. The are aluminium mags with a built in sprocket designed for a MB... Although the weight is more then I anticipated, they cut the wind better in my opinion. Bearings seem to be really good and the sprocket is centered great. My only complaint is my fear of the small bolts attaching the sprocket. Toying with the idea of removing the sprocket and adding some adhesive and loctite.

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    From custommotoredbikes?
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    Standard 6 bolt disc brake mounts are capable of handling the force from a disc brake. Which is capable of stopping the bike far faster than any engine can accelerate it. So I don't think ISO 6 bolt disc mounts OR any system with a greater BCD (bolt circle diameter) are anything to worry about.
    As long as they're cleaned, blue loctited and torqued up correctly. :)
    Different manufacturers quote different torque settings for M5 rotor bolts: up to 12 or so N-m but as low as 4 N-m! So if yours doesn't tell you it will take some educated guessing.
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    Got mine from really love them. I plan on hydrodipping them soon. Also repainting the bike black cherry pearl...
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    I was tinkering around checking and doing normal maintenance, found all the bolts have came slightly loose... Got about 70miles on them... Time to loctite and ride !!