My new Stealth-e-bike

Heya all, I have been toying with the thought of a e-bike for a while, so I decided to pull my finger out and build one.

I didnt want it as noticable as my HT. More a bike no one would give a second look at, and I think I have that.

It just runs a legal 200W hub motor, I can get 25-30km/hr out of it so it isnt a speed monster like my HT. But its stealthy and silent, and a good start I think into electrics. I have already decided to upgrade it to a 900W 36v system that runs through the bike gears that will give me the speed I want. But as I said its a good start :)

The most interest in the bike is the lighting system. I followed the idea's here. Quartz Halogen Bike Light.shtml

And it works brilliantly. I used a red LED downlight at the rear and a 20W 36° Halogen at the front. The light output is phenominal compared to the usual bike lights.

I have a 50W 10° spotlight as well I just havent fitted it yet.

Anyway heres a few pictures, let me know what you think :D


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Nice to see another e-bike!
Who's the manufacturer of your 900W 36v system?
I have an e-zip and have been drooling over the Cyclone 1000w 48v system.
I agree, it's good to see another e-bike.
Stealth will be more difficult with 900W / 1,000W motors.
What type of battery will you use and from which manufacturer?
No idea who the manufacturer is. They are on eBay, the one I am thinking of is rated at 650W at 24v and 900W at 36V.

They have the 48V 1000W units too, will have to find out more as to which I will buy.

As far as batteries, Im just use SLA's. Cant afford Lipoly's ATM.
Batteries come in at about 16Kgs. No idea about hills, its pretty flat where I live.

Range I havent worked out yet, never tested it on a full charge, got about 10Kms on the last run but the batteries were already run down a bit.

Oh I fitted the 50W spottie as well. Seeing where Im going is no longer a issue. Have a look for yourself :)


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Everything excluding batteries is a 200W grubee kit, bought here in oZ for 350.

Batteries I already had, think they were about 40 each.

Bike is a dunlop bike bought secondhand, I got it as I wanted disk brakes.

It was originally grey but I painted it black as I had some black POR15 paint in the shed :D

That fully inspires me to try do that myself.
but I have enough trouble with the bikes I already have.

I like the price you're paying compared to getting a new bike tho.

well done.