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    wow, just got some new treads and what an combo tire of the fat variety so far. 26"x2.30 with an inverted knobby type tread. 30-80psi...plush and great traction. Kenda K-RAD, highly recommended!

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    Well then, while trying to decide what would be best for my riding style and perform in all sorts of conditions on a motorized bike, I think I've found a winner. I was going to swap some of the cheap Chinese inverted flame and such tires, that wear out in no time for some lower rolling resistance, narrow(er) and high(er) pressure Continentals or Michellins. I really like natural compond rubber tires like Conti's because they last a long-long time, grip like glue to the road and shed mud like no other.

    Then I got to think'in about all the potholes I've hittin lately, as well as the poor condition and roughness of the roads lately in San Diego and went a different route. Since most of my riding is on the road, commuting and all, it's got to be road worthy. I also like to hit the dirt sometimes as mountain bike racing and riding runs through my veins. I want low rolling resistance and the ability to run higher air pressure on long trips and such.

    I just found the perfect tire for my beach cruiser, single-speed motored bikes and it's great on the front and rear. It's the Kenda K-RAD and I'm runnin the 26x2.30 which can be inflated from 30-80psi...whoo-hooo! I run just less than 50psi front and rear around town and they handle fantastic. What a big difference from the junkers that came stock on the bikes I'm motoring night and day...seriously. I truly can't recommend them enuf, the perfect tire for my application. I believe they come in 26x1.95 and 26x2.50 as well, but the 2.30 is the ticket in my fat tire book, check the pics!

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    Looks like a all terrain tire scott...are they kevlar 2.30 wide they make a excellent cruiser tire. If you ride in the point loma area, stop at plsf so I can check them out. AD
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    FYI - if you have a friction drive, those tires would probably vibrate like crazy...
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    Yes they would...

    Without a doubt...especially if mounted on a 2-stroke steed. Personally I would never run a friction drive, but to each their own.:rolleyes7:

    And to Domino, no they're not kevlar reinforced, unfortunately. They do work great on the street however.
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    almost slick

    The tires I use for my bike are 26 1.5 slicks. If you hear the noise of the tread on the pavement than you know that you are losing power. All of that noise is wasted energy. I like to pump up my tires to about seventy pounds so they have even less rolling resistance.

    Now technically they aren't slicks because they have small groves across them, but they roll a lot easier than knobby tires.

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    Hey Mike, you got that right...hard slicks definetly stick to pavement and roll the dispute! I've got some 26x1.5's that are completely bald (slick) and they own the road...hands down! Those are my road tire of preference, but for all around it's the of both worlds.