My new Worksman/GEBE bike.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by rgm1960, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. rgm1960

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    Just got the bike together. What a blast! It is my commuter bike. Turns heads everywhere I go. Bike1.JPG



  2. How is the worksman It just seems to heavy for a commuter
  3. rgm1960

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    Worksman and GEBE: impressions.

    Good frame, that's it. Tanaka PF-3300 runs like no tomorrow. Worksman quality is lacking. Parts are Wald, which i am satisfied with. Wheels were horrible. Rear wheel would not align with GEBE ring. Front wheel has provided at least ten flats. I hope you have a Dremel to grind the rim. Horrible quality. I hope Al at Worksman is reading this. Only thing I like about this bike is the frame. And, by the way, they didn't even bother to primer the frame prior to paint. Do not buy a Worksman.

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    I like the looks of your build, nice clean lines. The problem with your rims seems to be that they are wheelmaster steel. I ordered two of them for my bike and when I looked them over they were junk, sharp burrs of chrome peeling everywhere. Ended up throwing them aside and got some DX32 Alex rims that I'm very happy with.