My new ZBOX 70cc Build

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    This is my second build with my previous zbox cakeing it!
    I wanted to make this build as good as i could. My previous mounting system wasn't crash hot, and decided this time i would use the u-bolt mount. Much easier and stable, knowing the engine is less likely to move around.

    The bike itself:

    Closeup of Engine:

    I also decided to do a few mods. I decided to use the NGK-B6HS spark plug along with a BOSH Super Sports Inductive Core Lead/Cap, for a smoother run, along with a KMC 415H Motorcycle Chain from Norwood Parade Bicycles and some new fuel line from Super Cheap Auto; alot better than the kit fuel line. With everyone knowing the quality of bolts provided with these engines, i also replaced all of the bolts on the motor with high tensile allen key headed bolts or also known as sockethead bolts.

    Spark Plug:


    Another great investment is the CNS New Style Carby. I had to use a plumbing joiner between the carby and the air filter due to the lack of room in the frame.

    New Carb:

    Looking at my handlebars now, i decided not to use the clutch lever provided but installed it into my existing brake handle as i had to remove my rear disk brake to install the sprocket. It works fine and is a neater installation. Locking the clutch lever in doesn't worry me at this time.

    Left lever is clutch , Right lever is front brake and in the middle of the stem is the choke control.


    Hope you like my bike. :eek:

    PS: Only had my first run today.

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  3. zbox.80.chrisv

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  4. brendonv

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    nice man, i got myself a zbox 49cc, there a good engine and great company, U wont hav any problems. XD Have fun riding it. Remember to run 16:1, it sounds like way to much but it isnt. If u do any more that 20:1 they're likely to seize. Just a hint so u dont run ur whipper snipper fuel in there n screw it up.
  5. fetor56

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    Very clean build man,well done.
    Let us know if having the air filter like that has any ill affects? shouldn't.
  6. zbox.80.chrisv

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    No problems so far with the air filter, seems to be running smooth.
  7. brisbane_boy

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    hey mate,
    looks very neat. Im just woundering about that BOSH lead u got can u feel a difference with it compaired to the stock lead and also where did u get it from ?? and how much approx was it?
    I am interested in getting 1 for my bike. i got a NGK b6hs plug.
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    Thats a great looking bike, very well done. A freind told me that the 70cc isn't that much diferent to the 49cc, any truth to that in your opinion?
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    Nice to see it fitted on Raliegh's Mojave 6.0
  10. zbox.80.chrisv

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    I got the lead from super cheap auto. Cost me $6 and i bought a lead with caps on each end, spare in case something happens to this one.

    The different things i have noticed is that it idles a lot better and the oil smells alot cleaner. I haven't really opened up the taps yet as im still running it in, though can notice it accelerates a bit faster.
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  11. zbox.80.chrisv

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    Its the Mojave 8.0 =D
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    Awesome bike! Looks very nice. The blue air-filter gives it a nice touch.
  14. brisbane_boy

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    thanks mate.
    Yer i have to admit looks realy nice. i like the airfilter looks good.
    Well done.

    ( i might be down supercheap this weekend ) :p
  15. wheelspin

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    Looks great where did you get the carby and air filter