My newest and Proudest!

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What do you think of BENT-ley?

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  1. tbrookes2000

    tbrookes2000 New Member

    IMG_0273 small.jpg Hey All!
    After some months of haveing an upright, many problems, and many solutions (from kind help here) well as a WRECK on the upright (I was the only thing damaged :cool2:) I want to introduct my newest and proudest creation: BENT-ley....
    Made from the "leavings" of the upright, "Jetrike" plans (slightly modified to my tastes), and 3 weeks of hard work, early mornings, and a few cans of paint. She isnt 100% complete yet (need pedal chain, and a seat cushion made)...but she IS roadworthy (already tested)
    What ya think??:cool:

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  2. Looks rocking. Takes some fab skill to make something like this and a good imagination. Do you have it 100% now? How fast will it go? Keep up the great work.