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    Here is my latest project.
    84V Electric Scooter
    80/66cc Chinese engine kit

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  2. buddy of mine did one with a 49 4-stroke
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    I almost did something like that with a 500 watt E scooter I had a couple of years ago. I was even thinking of a mini turbine jet engine hybrid system to increase the range off the batteries. But just I ended up selling it and built a 66cc 2 stroke bike back before they outlawed pretty much all 2 stroke motors in my state.
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    Good idea. Converting a dead e-scoot to gas power is far cheaper than converting a dead gas scoot to electric power.
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    It's not a dead escooter. Mind you i will only be running 36V electric now. it's going to have all three options. peddle,electric or gas. made some changes so that the hub motor is also a generator to help top up the battery

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    ya eh. im in canada. the engines are not legal, but i live in the sticks and cops don't bother as long as it still peddles
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    How much does the bike weigh?