my next 4 stroker any thoughts or issues u can see

what kinda oh motor you have on it .... i need room and how do you like the forks on that ? and is it heavy and are the rims straight with no hop in them
Aluminum rims and its a rack mount system, forks work fine and I weigh about 210. That was just an example bro theres a 1000 bikes out there in the under 200$ range to choose from. $400 JUST SEEMS AWFUL STEEP FOR THAT BIKE TO ME. Good luck.
Yea. 400 is in Bike shop territory.
You should check out your local bike shop and check out the cruisers.
You think that bike is nice?
Prepared to be BLOWN AWAY!
large ,

in my area here cruiser style bike are not big here most shops i been two have like 1-2 i havent seen anything i liked most the bikes i have seen are over 40 lbs .i need lighter bike will help with gas mpg and speed but if you have a bike you think would compare iam all eyes