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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wbuttry, Jul 19, 2011.

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    why not? you can do it, and who cares if it's already been done.
    You can make yours better....maybe add a tabletop grill, a small keg of beer under the table with a tapper coming out of the table top, smaller better looking tires (lawntractor or golf cart style), a better looking picnik table (that one looks pretty beat up), maybe an umbrella in the center of the table to shade you from the sun.
    A better steering set up with a steering wheel or motorcycle handlebars rather than the tiller type thing that he's using. Maybe set up a lawnchair behind the table facing forward for the driver. with a steering wheel or handlebars coming all the way back, hidden under the table top.
    heck, you could even add a cooler under the table, and you could have a traveling picnik table with everything you need attached to it.
    the possibilities are endless when you put your mind to it, and it could be quite entertaining.
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    That thing is a riot, but what I'm waiting to see is an American build of a camper that is towed behind a motorized bike, and not the Kamp-rite's bicycle camper either. Maybe a slide-out or pop up version of a tear drop that can sleep a couple.

    What a way to go, combining some real American passions with true economy--camping in a trailer and traveling down the highway!
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    heck the camper sounds more interesting than the picnic table
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    I need to dig out my bike camper design and post it here, I see.

    It is a 30" W by 48" L two wheel box trailer that expands to a between the wheels 48" x 96" platform, with a central cylindrically domed 24" x 48" top that becomes a 96" x 24" cylinder with sloping side skirts 60 inches above the deck. Entry is from the end.
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    Ill say so! Thats goin to be my next project as soon as i get some more mula!
    The perfect addition to any MB
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    Motored bicycle camper

    Well, what better way to justify the whole thing to a less-than-thrilled spouse than by justifying the whole motored bicycle thing with "but honey, we can go camping and fishing and barely spend any money!" Adding a camper instead of a tent makes it seem like its more convenient and luxurious, I suppose. Besides, it's nice to not sleep on the ground or a hammock sometimes.

    There are some bicycle campers to be seen on YouTube, but...they are for solo use. Getting your significant other involved makes it nice, so a camper that would sleep two is much better. Besides, the motored bicycle community seems to have far more truly creative geniuses to devise just such a thing!

    I know I get grumbles about how expensive it is to "save money" with the motored bicycle, and I'm not even finished with the first one yet. (A lot of Murphy's Law being applied to me, in addition to being a total newbie.)
  9. thanks guys my wife has ben on my *** to build a picnic table
    so i'm going to build it :jester:
  10. hey i have a 10hp b&s for the picnic table do you think it's to much hp
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    Sounds like a good way to get beaten up by the cops for no reason.

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    with a 10hp b&s it's gonna be real hard to pass the potato salad at WOT!