my next project: a 99cc predator install

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by butterbean, Apr 28, 2012.

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    I am currently riding a Huffy Cranbrook with a 68cc china kit. I plan to give this bike a predator transplant as soon as I have the money. My plan is to use a transmission from which some of you may know is designed for the predator. I will be using a 12t maxtorque clutch which is designed to lock at 2200 rpm and a 56t rear sprocket. my final drive will be 11.41:1, and I will hit about 33mph at about 5000rpm. at 2200 rpm, I should be doing about 19. So I should have a good balance between speed and climb, at least from what I have been told by a member of another mb forum. I dont want to go too fast, so 33 is plenty fast enough for me, and I need more climb than what I get out of my HT engine. Feel free to share any thoughts or advice.

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    Seriously guys, feel free to share any thoughts, opinions, or advice you may have. I am really looking forward to turning my bike into a. predator bike. With proper maintenance, it will be a reliable daily driver that will last for years to come. The engine may well outlast all the other components of my bike, including the frame itself. My yamaha gas tank will probably outlive the engine though, being the hard plastic type. Anyway, feel free to comment on this thread.
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    I just went to their website. You must mean the CVT? One of the guys here questioned if the motor has enough zip to handle the xtra drag of the CVT.
    How about asking AFG what they think.
    My thinking is that you would be OK.
    The only issue I have with that trans is the added width created by the components. You have to design for it.
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    Not a cvt. agk has a jackshaft transmission that they've designed for the predator. go to the site, type 'predator' in the search box, hit enter, and when the list comes up, click on 2600 jackshaft assembly.