My next project



I've been gathering the components for another Stingray to take up where the first one left off in reliability and speed. I've purchased a 79 Motobecane rear wheel to address the rear race failure. Using an axle off an electric scooter and the spacers that came with it, its a bolt in. It also has a NOS drum brake assembly from Dan at 1977 Mopeds. The next aspect is the engine, the china engine is just not in the same league as a moped engine, the materials, the engineering, power, and the structural integrity are wanting when you're trying to run with the mopeds. I've purchased an upgraded Sendai Tai Chi 40cc. with an x-chamber from PBU, it features a centrifical clutch and a pull start. Expensive but it should serve my purpose. The first frame has cracked on me once and the new one is going to get a thorough gusseting. Next is a springer fork, I'm leaning toward the smoked chrome one from Choppers USA unless something better comes along that will take a wide front tire hopefully with some brakes. I'm going to call it an SR-71 if it lives up to the name. 8)
Sounds like Skunk Works to me. Make the Lockheed boys proud Edward.
I'm looking forward to seeing this come together. I've been interested in the drum brakes too, I was looking more into tandem brakes however.
I've got some parts heading my way from 1977 too, and I'll just mention that Dan is the man.
Finally bit the bullet and pulled out the 220v. mig welder I bought a couple of years ago. My last experience with one of these was in H.S. and it was a bad deal, the instructor didn't have time to give me some guidance and my efforts to teach myself didn't turn out. These Lincolns are different and totally rock, I was worried about punching through on the Schwinn frame when attaching the 1/8 plate, but luck was with me this time. The engine is mounted and now I have to figure out the expansion chamber mounting as the fit is a no go.
GRRR... The machinist is going to want $180 to CNC the sprocket and shaft. The cost will go down if I do the design and and drafting work. So its 19th Century meets 21st Century, my bodging with a dremel meets the computer age.
That things going to be awesome. Looks like 40cc's of case reed valve inducted goodness. Oh yeah, moped brakes are the bomb.