My OCC Chopper Junk Yard Dog

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Hawaii_Ed, Jul 26, 2010.

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    I live on a military base in Hawaii, the people here come for 3 years and then leave. All kinds of great stuff gets pitched every time people move. I have been lucky enought to salvage a lot of cool stuff. One of my finds was a clapped out OCC chopper. The paint was beat, fenders missing, rusty chrome, but all the running gear was there. I have a lot of happy time stuff, and my good friend 5-7 heaven had some more, so with all that, I knew I'd be close. I stripped the frame, welded on a bracket, painted it, and then let it set in my garage and bang around. I found another set of forks at a local bike shop, and got a universal type handle bar.

    After finishing my degree and moving, I finally had some time to mess with the chopper and got it together this week. One of my friends is a metal fabricator, I bent up electrical conduit and he welded it up for me. I managed to get the chains tight with no tensioner T.he sprocket took just a litle clearancing with a drill to get it on. I added a set of BMX chain tensioners to keep it snug. I had to trim a bit off the drop outs to get them on, but it is fine. I did the L brackets for the front tank studs. I can bend up a strap for the rear. I also plan on mounting a chain guard, this bike is mainly for my son. The old style happy time fired right up after years in storage, sounds great! :bowdown: The exhaust is SO quiet! I really like the setup! It does not rev anything like my Trek, but I had fun cruising it around tonight! It needs a new seat and some dressup, but it is a fun little junk yeard dog!

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    Awesome job, Ed!
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    Great job ED Your son is going to love riding such a cool looking ride...All he needs is the roller. In the mail tonight ought to be there Friday or Saturday. I'd like to see some close up pictures of the engine mount set up. Thanks Ron
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    I have an o.c.c. chopper seat for sale if you are interested in it.
    it has one tiny hole in the front no seat pan or sissy bar...just the seat.
    the seat bolts to the pan that is welded to the seat post.
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    sure, let me know the details PM :)