My Old Skool Spoiler Tins

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    Here is my friend, Al "Brush" Battista's work on my Tins. Al is an "Old Skool" striper. Al is a great guy, he started out in 1958 at the Autorama Shows in Ct. He left striping behind and ended up in Manhattan as an Advertising Art Director. It is only recently , now retired , that he has begun to stripe again. He has spent the last couple years getting back his chops and when I picked up the tins he told me he is ready to take on work. Me I think he is more than ready. He really takes this seriously as he considers it his art. You can go to:
    to see his work. He is very interested in doing more bikes.
    feel free to contact him at albat @ optonline. net (take the spaces out of the email address)

    He did these Tins for my Creative Engineering Spoiler Build. The Theme I chose was to do a tribute to Indian Larry.

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    beautiful artwork there :)