My ongoing build (Updated)

Well heres where I am so far in my bike's constant modification and improvement.

The Beginning... (Album)

Since my first engine broke (sadly a Dax 70 met its end), I've since slapped on a boygofast 80cc. Not my engine of choice, but its what was avaliable and the price was right. I did throw many of the inferior parts from boygofast into my spare box.

The muffler, carby, cdi, spark plug, tank (1 of them)...are all from the dax kit.

I have done the exhaust mod, low end is sweet, and rejetted my carb to my engine ( pretty good top-end, 35 with a 44t sproket). I dont have the tools to port my engine, so I will not attempt it.

I mounted 2 tanks to increase my overall range of my bike, works well so far.

Plenty of other small mods here and there (headlight, taillight [white wire], cargo trailer, etc.) all can be seen in my album.

Glad I could share with you all,


P.S. Another thank you to Bob from B.C.B for sending the tank decals.