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Okay, here is my post to this thread. I must make this post so people don't get uptight about me asking questions without having posted my introduction here first. Perhaps we should be posting relevant information into a signature or into the profile itself?

Sun EZ-SPORT LTD Aluminum frame
Australian "Velocity Psycho" rear rim with NON-stainless 12g spokes


Apr 23, 2007

It is just good manners to introduce yourself. Would you walk into someone's garage or workshop and just start asking questions without at least saying hello first?


Also not standard.

If you want people to post info about themselves for efficiency's sake, then it should be in the profile.


Would you walk into someone's garage or workshop and just start asking questions without at least saying hello first?

Well...I would. But I am constantly amazed at what I can get away with when I have a case of ice cold Rolling Rock with me. Fiddling with engines is thirsty work...


...please spare me the droning elitist remarks...
But...droning elitist remarks are like my best thing... I mean, ok, are really ruining this for me.
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Well, it's common courtesy. There is a section for those trhat don't want to join but need answers... Anyone walked into our club house (Piston Psychos) and started acting all smart and demanding, with a sense of entitlement, would get their *** kicked as they're being thrown out the door...
HAVING said that, welcome to the community...:-|


Common sense and good manners are the name of the game at, and you'll quickly learn you get exactly what you give around here.

looks like mixed reviews of our methods...good call on proper use of your profile...many miss that. also, good call on (finally) treating the group like people instead of service personnel, tho you did it grudgingly. we want to answer questions, obviously, but we expect to be treated with respect, like it or not. i guess you think it's all about you? really isn''s about the 3 or 4 new sign-ups at a time that made us take the tough-tack. i don't expect that every post will improve the overall environment, but try to imagine the place with the approx. 30% of garbage (off-topic, repeat, demanding, or lazy-duplicate) posts we get rid of on a regular basis.

quality over quantity...the posts speak for themselves, they're usable because of tough moderation. i personally feel the same way about rif pointed out, you can get help without joining. do you recall clicking "i agree" before you could register?

when you do something for free, droning complaints can get old, too. maybe we can work something out...would you like to know where to send payment for services?

from the MBc volunteer staff, you're welcome.


mm hm.

Never approached with demands or with any sense of entitlement. Just made a comment about a snitty remark.

"off-topic, repeat, demanding, or lazy-duplicate"

Nope. Not guilty here either. If it was duplicate or repeat, it was not lazy. Searches were done, research was made before posting... Just asking some simple questions in a forum. In IT forums, it is customary to list your system specs in a signature, so as to get better advice from those who choose to answer, but no one ever asks for an introduction about the poster. Most do not post on a forum to make friends, so keeping it short and sweet and avoiding superfluous things like "Hello, my name is Joe Schmoe and I really enjoy riding my bike and I am so very happy to be here asking questions about bikes because I want you to like me" makes things more efficient.

I never treated anyone like service personnel, only as people who like to talk about bike engine systems. For not originally following your (opinion: kind of goofy) rules, will maybe kind of sort of apologize, but not for any posts I made.

Anyway, I am spending all kinds of time on a bike engine forum arguing forum ethics, which is not why I am here. I will continue to post things if I have a question about something that I did not find the answer for here or elsewhere, and you can feel free to answer me. Or not.