My Project of Reviving a Basket Case hua sheng 49cc 4 Stroke powered Rack Mount Engine-Bike


Aug 14, 2018
I have had this collection of engine-bike parts for over 3 years now, and since I am old and getting older, it is time to put it together as a machine again. It will have a stock 49cc 4 stroke and a Staton transmission (16.07 to 1 ratio) and rack mount chain drive to a Staton heavy duty rear hub. Nothing flashy, nothing racey, but with a mind of it's own and with many added features, including an old version of the aluminum integral 2.4 liter fuel tank frame, front suspension, seat post suspension, instrument cluster with 9 separate instruments, twin LED headlamps, an a 12 volt SLA battery system. Noticed that the rack mounted engines category isn't such a busy scene, maybe a new project by and old-timer with an unusual aspect would be interesting. I'm a new guy and wanted to share my project as it nears actual completion, and hopefully some folks may find it interesting. (And I call 'em engines, not motors, just personal preference.)