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Horn and Headlight setup

I had these matching horn and headlight so I made a handlebar mount for them. I kinda like the look and both of them work. I will do the cosmetics
on them when I paint


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I hope this helps you some. Have you seen the new brooks saddle B190? louis


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So what is the muf made from I see you used the flange from the kit and welded on to it. what did you use for the muffler? did you pack it with something? I think you should try a larger diameter peice for the exhaust, looks like this one will produce some back pressure. Anyhow thanks for sharing the photos.
It does produce too much back,used the muffler tube (2" part 4" long) no packing and 1/2"tube for stinger,going to change to 5/8" or 3/4". louis
This is the kind of mod I want to do on my bike Louis if you dont mind I want to use your idea.

Hey Guys Happy St Patricks Day Drink Up!!!
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Finished muffler today

I had to do some mods to the muffler it would not fit otherwise. Seems that the way the motor mounted to the frame made the muffler sit right in the path of the pedal crank so I took the muf and bolted it to my work bench and took the torch and heated it near the flange and gave it a slight twist and a pull. Ok so now the muf fits just right but now its got this ugly spot where it was heated, Ok no problem I had some header wrap left over from my VW project so I used it to cover up. I made the two clamps from aluminium flat bar. Now it looks way cool old school.



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