My Project So far

Hey Any one out there. Im still around but Ive had to put all projects on the back burner
with the new house and all I just dont have the time to tool around in the shop. When I get some time I will hook up with you guys again

Chris @ KanesKustoms
Well its nice to be back here. Im planning another retro style build here soon. I got my old bike out of storage and now Im back to the drawing board.
Well well well, you're back with us again. Last I remember was that lovely vintage cruiser that had been sprayed grey with undercoat. Time to get back into it & fill us in. Welcome back to you.
Yup John I dusted off my tools and getting ready to build another vintage cruiser
I have a 42 Hiawatha Frame set and Im trying to track down a nice springer fork for it, I still have to get an engine kit for it. But I have a good idea what I want to do
Heres the rear wheel of my bike ,, I took a Bendix two speed kick back and laced it into a 1936 drop center rim with stainless spokes. I machined out the sproket to fit the hub and mounted it directly to the hub flange with teflon spacers. This set allows you to have two gears the high gear is great for starting then simply kick back to the lower gear,A very clean look and very functional




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