my pusher is done! (pics)

Discussion in 'Push Trailers' started by linnix13, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. linnix13

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    this is my 33cc push trailer, i built it in shop class, it can do 30kph, and gets there in around 6 seconds,

    i get roughly 30kms per litter, so thats 70mpg, not to bad,

    the best thing is its very quite, and smooth, i like the transmition, there is no clutch, my last bike was a 80cc HT, and i like this one more, just because of the transmition, anyways i will take any criticism because i know its a half assed trailer but i needed something to get me the 15kms to school each day, all in all it cost me nothing and took about 4 hours to make,
    i have the engines shrouding off in some of the pics because i had just rode home in the rain and it filled the intake with water and it flooded, so i have it apart to dry out,



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  2. linnix13

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    more pics

    here are some more pics

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  3. linnix13

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    and a few more

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  4. Dilly Bar Rob

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    Nice, even if it is a bit "rough" :)

    I can't get over how small it is. Seems quite a bit smaller then most push trailers on here.

    Excuse my "noobness" - what kind of engine is that? Also, what is the "drum" on the axle next to the trailer wheel? Do you have any problems with the trailer mounted to the seat post like that?
  5. linnix13

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    that drum is a drum break, it was on that axle to begine with and it acts as a spacer, but the drum itself is no longer an operational break, im going to get in there with some washers and remove it, i just havnt got around to it, as for the seat post, because the hitch takes up the entire frame part i have no way to secure my seat, so the seat is in the by gravity, and the springs sticking out the bottom of the seat hit on sharp corners twisting the entire seat, if i hit a bump to fast the trailer bounces up and pops my seat off a bit, but that way i can "feel" the road and i know if im going to hard on the trailer.

    and yes its very small, i would love to make a 5hp like the rest but my limited budget and workshop dont help, plus with this little thing the police leave me alone, seeing as its only 33cc,
    all in all its a sketchy P.O.S but whatever, its better than pedaling!!

    oh and the engine is a 33cc single cylinder forced air cooled 2 stroke, it puts out 0.9hp at 7000rpms
    cvt transmition
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  6. jjstanza

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    I built one like that but had problems with the whole scooter fishtailing when it got up to a good speed. Do you get any of that with your set up?
  7. linnix13

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    nope nothing like that,
  8. skyl4rk

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    Nice, home made DIY is the best.

    Is that a weed whacker motor?

    What is the gear reduction from? was it on the motor when you got it or did you scrounge it?
  9. linnix13

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    its a 33cc engine with a cvt transmition from a gas goped,
  10. Wheres my dog

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    Nothing wrong with a chopped up pusher like that!

    Heck, way better then pedaling anyday!
  11. Esteban

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    Find a way to secure the seat. I would consider that too dangerous as is.
  12. odee 2743

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    Is the hitch locked or can it jack knife on you?
  13. Humsuckler

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    nice little setup!