My Reaction Cycles 26" Beach Cruiser With BGF 66/80cc (Video)

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    The frame on my last beach cruiser broke in half right where the rear part of the engine mounts to it but the mount was keeping it together so I was still riding around on it with little effects but I happened to just pick up this newer beach cruiser for $75 on CL which came with a quality lock and quality pump and its riding great after some advice taken of changing the setting on the clip on the needle.

    Also I gave a few questions. I hope this isn't too off the wall but growing up not into or knowing much about these kits or engines in general, is it safe to guess since it is (I hope the right word is:) "4-stroking" at approx 26-27 mph but pulling very well, if I don't change the jet size so that it is right on very edge of 4 stroking, something can go wrong? And if so, what would go wrong if that is a valid question? Im also guessing it would be considered running too rich or would that be too lean? And where can I get jet sizes in single unit increments? And what size is the stock jet size and to which would I change it too next to prevent (I hope the right word is:) "4-stroking" ?

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