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    Hello all,

    I essentially got my product much later then expected for Rish delivery it took 5 business days to get to me
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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Bikeberry purchased Spookytooth quite a while ago
    so ordering off the Spookytooth website is the same as buying on the bikeberry website.
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    Thought so. BTW Your response to other forum memeber issues on both motorized bike forums I use, have helped alot. Thanks for the posts.
  4. bikejock

    bikejock Member really should get into selling these engine kits and parts. Sure they have a few kits here and there from 3rd party vendors but amazon doesn't truly sell any engine kits or parts from their warehouses. I love amazon and they have had a great track record with me these past 5 years with no issues aside from a prime parcel being one day later than usual for prime 2 day. But that's because the mail truck broke down before it came to my house.

    I guess its because allot of these kits would take up allot of space in the warehouse and they have hundreds of thousands of other items taking up space in their warehouses already so they leave it up to third party sellers like bike berry. I just love the fact has an A to Z shipping guarantee on pretty much everything sold on Most bicycle engine kit vendors don't have this type of guarantee even though they falsely advertise it.