My Recumbent Trike Hybrid Velomobile Gas and Electric

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by geekcity, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. geekcity

    geekcity New Member

    She is a work in progress with over 3,000 miles on the Honda 49cc 4 stroke
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  2. professor

    professor Active Member

    Great job Geek!
    Guys, check out the video.
  3. geekcity

    geekcity New Member

    I posted some more current photos in my album if your interested
  4. Leroybrown420

    Leroybrown420 Member

    Just need a solar battery charger. Nice work!
  5. geekcity

    geekcity New Member

    HaHa I have a solar charger. It's a small kit but will work for charging my 12 volt for the lights, they make a electric hub the puts energy back into the battery when pedaling or under gas power, the problem is the only make it in 26" wheel & I am running 20" wheels,..maybe someday
  6. hairstraightback

    hairstraightback New Member

    Nice Work

    I love the work you did on your trike... did you build the frame yourself? How does it handle corners at speed?
  7. geekcity

    geekcity New Member

    The frame is a Sun USX-EZ3, I built & designed the bike mostly off the shelf parts, some fabrication was needed, Welding
    It corners OK the rear wheels are on a 3 degree camber that helps with the corners, but like any delta trike it can lift a wheel or roll if you take a corner to fast. I have almost 4,000 miles on the trike without any problems.
  8. IbedaYank

    IbedaYank Member


    any more information on the body?
  9. geekcity

    geekcity New Member

    The body is off a ultra lite aircraft & it weighs 13 lbs before I cut the bottom, So maybe 10 lbs
    The bike fully loaded with gas, tool box, batteries, spare parts weighs in at just over 200 lbs