My "Red Peril" Pics

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by WIZARDOFOZONE, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Hope there's a red bike here ! 36 toofy arrived from dacs not long ago, and thats the next install !
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  2. gone_fishin

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    one red bike...check! :)

    looks nice and retro...a good flavor for a motoredbike 8)

    the saddle looks huge...EDIT: wait, what size is the bike? maybe you said once & i missed it.
  3. What size is it ...

    I'ts a full 26, but the saddle is a huge 12x12 by 'Back Trails' (Target) I have no idea why the pic I took looks like a Playboy photo shoot,and darned if I can figure out how to upload again, it simply starts the blue loading bar than snaps off or shows me the posted 'dreamlike' pic you see here. Ya, the whole idea was a Whizzerey, Leave it to Beaver, pee wee herman thing, and it came out ok.
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    tell ya what...i think the problem is in your conversion...send me a few choice bmp's and i'll convert them to postable jpegs and return 'em with details on what had to be done :)
  5. Thanks Augi ..

    I'll do that after I take some better photos . Right now the gas tank is off due to a stress crack from a badly done thru bolt conversion to eliminate those visible tank wrap around brackets ... waiting on a new one from Dax. Gonna take better pics outside in daylight to avoid those 'dream' look high reflection soft blur pics I got on all the current shots I took ... Heh .. all my chrome in these current pics suddenly looks gold plated like a pedel pushing pimp bike !!

    MBc EDIT: i moved this (below) in here from your second gallery. please, only one gallery for the same bike

    This retro look cruiser features 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick liquid epoxy lined fenders, rod stock firmed fender struts, thick metal top hanger replacements, floating rubber suspended engine kit chainguard. no thru bolts epoxy mounted floating bike chainguard, red locktite harware treated, a backup front caliper brake, 12x12 seat, rubber floating speedometer, bracketless thru bolt rubber mounted chrome tank, Dax's great push button alloy clutch lever, and soon to sport the new 36 tooth sprocket from Dax, although the odd (I thought) 40 tooth from (King's I think) has a perfect balance of speed and uphill torque. Safety features include Slime, added front caliper brake, anti -twist chain idler wheel, anti spin rear wheel axle nuts, and maximum hold red locktite handlebar bracket holders. 38mph on current 40 tooth sprocket which isn't bad for this extremely heavy beach cruiser. (heh ... and add 7 pounds more for the 20 piece tool kit stashed in my current larger pouch than the one in these pics !)
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    sorry, best i could do...i had to remove the duplicate gallery.

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    keep up the good work Augi , :eek:


    So do I add things in gallery by going to the bottom and just keep using "REPLY"?
  10. srdavo

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    yes...just reply to your own gallery :)
  11. gone_fishin

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    srdavo, you totally got me on this one :p

    exactly, 'ozone...good catch :)

    just keep adding new pics to the end as your build progresses and changes, sometimes i just post a new picture of S2.1 because there's enough new peeps around to show her off again...everybody should show off the ride, that's what keeps the rest of us going 8)

    the reason we ask that you only use one gallery per bike is obvious as soon as you see how many we have going :lol: :lol:

    I'm getting it now ! Computer stuff seems to turn me magically into "Rainman" .... notice I did however get a second pic to load and boy it just absorbed it in a 4 sec load ... but damned if I can do it consistently ... seems I have to select a pic and tell it to open to windows for it to work ... doesn't work if I open from say, olympus board where I took the pic in the first place ....
  13. davidsis

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    Have to get one of those seats
  14. Red Peril changes

    A bobber tail to slightly upgrade a little bit away from a total 50's look, and removed all logo stickers that bug me when they were applied with bubbles,creases, and backfolds. That red seatpak looks to me for all the world like an expensive custom fit seatpak. In reality it's just a $5 shorty backpac that molds easily across the wider rear fender and is velcroed across the back edge of the seat.Added chrome strips to offset the loss of the logo stickers that were just about everywhere.

  15. spunout

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    My bike!!!!! he stole my bike!!! :lol: :p :lol:
    man, wizard...i almost feel like ceding my avatar to you (almost) :lol:
    i think it looks great 8)
    Happy :mrgreen:
  16. Avatar ! Gotta find a pic !

    Trying to see a pic, it's similar to "Red Peril" I take it .
  17. Tried to see a pic of avatar ...

    just found a small insert and I can't see it too well ... is it blue ?
  18. red Peril with gumwalls

  19. tomcatfranks

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    Yes!!! I started using chrome molding for cars on my bikes a few years ago, works great for two-tone paint jobs. It comes in 1/4" and 1/8" widths. Does anybody use car door edge molding on the edges of fenders? It really dresses them up! Awesome bike; love that seat!!! :D
  20. Red Peril's new tank logos/seat pak

    Logos arrived today, nice product and dual peel placement makes application perfect,albeit a little expensive .... former red seat pak eventually sagged, this case sits on Targets seat post mount rear rack which is a nice buy at $19.99 and has hanger openings to add a bag to each side as well if needed on a longer ride.[​IMG]

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