My Ride The Goose

Here's the Goose. It's not very radical by some standards but she moves me down the road. I added the 12v lighting system about a year ago when I decided riding in the dark with traffic was fun. Did I mention that I may be a little bit crazy, at least my wife thinks so. The R460 went on last month and it's a horse at 4.2 HP @ 11K. Forty MPH + and a hill climber too boot. It will accelerate up hills that pulled the TLE43 down to clutch disengagement.


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Yeah, what he said. Are you charging your battery for your lights off of the
motor? Can you?
No, I'm using a 5AH AGM, with a 3 amp charger I can bring it from 50% to full charge in two hours. It will run my 20w halogen MR16 head light and flashing tail light at least two hours. If I just need to be seen, it will run my flashing front and tail lights 10 hours.
good motor

ive been lookin at these motors,for somebody else,nice chain tensioner,gets rid of power fallout,i know all to well the staton box and the wawawa of power delivery, my next to do thing,good stable single track struts from the frame good build!:)
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Hey there;

Nice job. Like some of the touches, switch box is simple and exceptionally neat, and the muffler. Looks like you made it from plumbing fittings. Any hints, gripes, comments etc? Your duct tape budget must be a fraction of mine. :eek: Thanks


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