My Ride The Goose

Here's the Goose. It's not very radical by some standards but she moves me down the road. I added the 12v lighting system about a year ago when I decided riding in the dark with traffic was fun. Did I mention that I may be a little bit crazy, at least my wife thinks so. The R460 went on last month and it's a horse at 4.2 HP @ 11K. Forty MPH + and a hill climber too boot. It will accelerate up hills that pulled the TLE43 down to clutch disengagement.


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The exhaust pipe is 3/4" hard copper with a 1 1/4" outer shell. Where the exhaust tube goes through the outer shell, it's bored with 40 - 3/16" holes in a double helix pattern to form a baffle tube. The space between the baffle tube and the outer shell is packed with fiber glass. Soft solder won't hold so joints must be silver or phosphorous copper brazed. I attached the reducer bells with machine screws to allow repacking the muffler. The factory muffler was reworked from a back discharge to a bottom discharge.

The muffler was still a little loud so I inserted a baffle to reduce the 3/4" cross section to a 5/8" cross section, equivalent to the factory mufflers discharge. At a slow cruse (25 mph), I can hear the chain noise over the engine.

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