my schwinn clairmont with china 66cc

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    sorry if this is not the easiest read my writing is not my strong suit and i know it

    ok to start with i picked up the engine used off of another bike i didn't know if it ran so i got it running carb was shot replaced carb and intake with a wallbro 15mm knock off. then i picked up a schwinn from wally world put new bearings in crank wheels head tube and re greased every thing with good bearing grease roll's smooth now still not as smooth as my 37 shelby but that is a different story. i built a rear motor mount as it was missing and front one was messed up i decided to mount the engine with piston about 90 deg vertical works good once i get past mid rpm vibration stops all together. after i got the motor mounted i built a self adjusting chain tensioner a new intake with a home made boost chamber that when the piston goes up it swirls the mix in the box kinda like a vortex any way it keeps the rpms really smooth above mid range a lot better then stock carb or the intake with out the box did the box is 70cc from jug to carb including the intake tube. before some one tells me i need a filter i do have one on it now i took pics before i finished building the filter box. the only thing i really need is to build or by a real gas tank not a modded propane tank and a good pipe for more lower range torque. any way im hoping for some feed back on the pics

    2012-09-19 14.17.32.jpg 2012-09-19 14.17.23.jpg 2012-09-19 14.17.15.jpg 2012-09-19 14.17.08.jpg 2012-09-19 14.16.32.jpg 2012-09-19 14.15.55.jpg 2012-09-19 14.15.40.jpg

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    wow! It's a nice bike. No doubt about that.

    but I'm seeing things that don't seem to make sense. It would seem that your intake is up front and your exhaust port is facing the back.

    That's just the opposite of every other happy time engine. Did you turn the jug around? That would seem to be the only explanation.

    The 'breather holes' in the chain sprocket cover look a bit odd, too. Not that there's anything wrong with that, that I can tell, it's just unusual.

    Still, it's a neat bike. Nice job.
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    That carb was a good idea. It allows you to mount your fuel tank anywhere on the bike.
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    lol yea i turned jug around an ported and polished the ports to the crank case to compensate for the change and the holes were drilled by the previous owner of the engine i thought it was neat and it also keeps the temp on the clutch down when starting off by slipping the clutch as it lets it breath. oh and about the carb yea i agree im thinking of mounting 2 jack daniels whisky bottels one on each side of the rack on the back as fuel tanks lol i do need better fuel line so i dont leak around the inlet and i need a return line for the primer but that will be soon i have it torn down at the moment for more customization
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    new gas tank from old oxigen tanks from my brazeing torch used 2 cut then welded together still not done with the gas lines 2012-09-25 16.54.10.jpg
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    ok for those of you that are looking at this thread i have an update on my bike i decided to make it a board tracker here are the new pics it is still a work in progress that will probably never be done lol

    2012-09-28 13.10.57.jpg
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