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    Just thought I'd share my Schwinn-Davidson with you guys here. I've done quite a bit to it since I've got it. I've ported the offset intake, gasket matched the intake and exhaust ports, modified the exhaust, re-jetted the carb, added a bigger air filter, painted the engine black, and milled the fins for a better look (to me at least), I've changed the clutch, added some tension to the clutch, replaced stock plug with an NGK, replaced the small bevel gear and woodruff twice.

    So far all in all it's been quite the learning curve to get this thing to ride down the road comfortably, it still ticks me off at times, but it cruises around 35-40 mph quite nicely. Let me know what you think of it.

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    Can anyone help me on why this thing 4 strokes intermittently while cruising at speed? It has a 32 tooth sprocket. And yes it has the dreaded CNS carb, but it's come along way from when I got it. When I first got it it wouldn't run with the air leaner on it, it would just bog down hard, it wouldn't even rev up. But without the air cleaner, it would scream down the road perfectly. So I got the smallest jet I could find and reamed it out with a torch tip cleaner till it ran decent with the filter on it. Also it seems to bog a little when you roll into the throttle after letting off to make a turn or something. The needle on mine is not adjustable it only has one groove for the e-clip very close to the top of the needle.