my schwinn occ chopper :)

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  1. firefaux

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    Bought this old thing for $30
    Ran into a problem when the stock chain didn't fit and I had to get a larger 420 chain because all the other stores didn't carry 415.
    As it turns out the chain is too big for the back wheel and scrapes it in rides.
    I'm thinking about replacing it with a bike chain as a last resort.. tell we what you guys think!

    I wish i have a picture of it on the leftside, the 420 chain I've been using has been KILLING my back tire... and it's so huge it doesnt allow for back brakes... I'm stuck with switching to a bike chain.
    UPDATE: tried popping a regular bike chain on it, but it instantly broke when I ran it
    so far I've add a washer on the engine sprocket side to try to inch the chain away from the tire with no luck... I don't even think the original 415 chain it came with would make a difference. as I'm currently on a 420.. I'm thinking of installing a jackshaft kit on it, but that'll require me to rechain the pedal side with a beefer chain... ohh the decisions

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  2. PatrickW

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    Welcome to Mbc..even tho I can't help much. Now that you are a member, try our search function and read some of the threads about chain sizes, etc....As a last resort, try posting your question in our General Discussion Forum. Good luck.
  3. Chalo

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    A normal bike chain is more than strong enough to withstand the torque of a small motor (human beings put out way more torque, but with less power). But the sprockets must be the right width at the teeth for the chain to work. That means about .100" for a 1/8" chain, and about .080" for a 3/32" chain.

    Your post indicates that you may be in over your head, and you should consider soliciting more knowledgeable help.

  4. IbedaYank

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    if its the HT motor most use a BMX chain available at any bike shop
    better pics would help us to help you
  5. firefaux

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    yesterday i added some washers to the screws on the sprocket to try to offset it to the left more and it worked. chains no longer touching the tire!
    and yeah the bmx chain definitely didnt work. it continuously breaks after a few yards when i let the clutch go.