my second build...lessons learned!

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  1. jeffrey kleinknecht

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    This is my second build. It is a La Jolla aluminum frame,single speed cruiser.
    My first was a Huffy Cranbrook.
    I made a ton of mistakes on the Cranbrook. Between those mistakes,and the good advice I got from the MotoredBike family,I was able to do a much better job on the second.
    I decided to eliminate the kill button,in favor of a keyed ignition. It is a universal ignition switch which I housed inside a peice of 2'' pvc. The c.d..i. is also inside the pvc. I eliminate the kill wire,and used the switch to control the impulse from the c.d.i.. I ran the wires from the motor,inside the frame. They re-emerge inside the pvc. It works perfectly,and,I think it gives the bike a much cleaner look.
    I am really looking forward to your comments and criticisms,for use on my NEXT build.
    I can't wait!!!! I love this!!!

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  2. motorpsycho

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    Nice & clean and I love no visible wiring.
    Your chain , however, looks like it's really loose in the last pic.
  3. Al.Fisherman

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    Very nice... :likelots:
  4. jeffrey kleinknecht

    jeffrey kleinknecht New Member

    loose chain

    You are correct...that pic was taken during the final adjustments,just before the maiden voyage for this bike. Before firing her up,the chain issue was addressed.
    Her first trip was flawless,outside of having to adjust the idle.
    this bike fels very quick,and resposive. I can't wait til break-in is complete,and I can really open her up!
  5. jroyse

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    Nice looking build. I built a fat tired cruiser bike and had to fab motor mounts to move the motor 1/2 inch left to get chain to tire clearance. Yours looks like it fit with stock mounts. I've seen many pictures of fat tired bikes but few mention chain clearance problems. Keep up the good work.
  6. BoltsMissing

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    Nice color choice, seems like it's at melting point.

    And the key switch, innovative.

    Well done.