My Second Build: Motopedal1

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    FInished this earlier this spring. It turned out awesome so thought I'd flaunt and floss all the hard work :p

    Some specs:

    HT 3hp single speed engine, aftermarket CR80cc coil, hi-comp head, NT speed carb, SBP expansion pipe.

    Frame: custom made aluminum DH frame, custom made shifting kit, custom made removable gastank. + titanium hardware.

    Drivetrain: Lightened 17T sprocket and shaft, 9T, 44T CNC rings, 12-36T rear cassette, shimano deore shifting.
    +titanium hardware.

    Suspension fork: Marzochhi 888 RC3 8" travel

    Rear shock: fast ace pit bike shock, 3" stroke, 10" travel

    Top speed:50-55kph

    Dry weight: 60lbs approx.

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  2. 2strokepoke

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    i like the tank, i wish i had the skills and materials to make one myself.
  3. RedBaronX

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    that is a heck of a thing. very nice!
  4. Chalo

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    How did you do the post-weld heat treatment?

  5. lowracer

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    Very Sweet!
  6. Lazieboy

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    wish i had a welder.
  7. Sgt. Howard

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    Remarkable piece of engineering there- 8 gears, right? Ought to handle odd terrain rather well.
    the Old Sgt.
  8. adrian101

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    I want that frame :D

    Nice job

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    Really appreciate all the feedback and comments! Any questions I'm more than happy to answer and share my experience.

    This particular frame, along with most frames I build have no post weld treatment, I know that it would be optimal to post weld treat things, especially aluminum but considering the quantity of frames that I build, the cost/benefit wouldn't be worth it. I'm always careful to "over engineer" and put down healthy sized welds in extra high stress areas, I haven't yet ever had a weld break and I am pretty tough on my bikes. Ofcourse, if you are in the frame building business to sell numerous frames to the public, it would be a good idea to send them off for post weld quenching treatment. Also, keep in mind that aluminum does regain a certain percentage of it's "strength" and stiffness back, after heating, just through the natural aging process over time.

    With regards to the drivetrain, it's a 9 speed chain on an 8speed cassette, 9T axle sprocket so it can handle basically any hill you could pedal up. I'm 150lbs and it has descent pull, it's no CR125 but it will move you around fairly quickly, especially on the flats. I've hauled heavy cargo in my backpack before which would be roughly equivalent to a 200lbs rider and unfortunately just doesn't have much grunt to move that kind of weight around, you would need something with more horsepower.

    Although, I like it because it's not overly powerful so it doesn't quite feel like a motorcycle. It's just like having an little extra set of legs to get you up the hills so you can pedal down those gnaryly downhills.