my second build, some kind of board track racer

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    so after finishing my first build "yojimbo" I can't wait to get going on another one. heck, I want a whole stable full. with this one I want it to be quite a bit more polished, but just as stylized as my first one.

    I'm starting with this frame, it was a salvage job and the only good part was the frame, even the paint had to go [​IMG]

    I really wanted to go with that early 1900's motorcycle look with the gas tank so the usual kit peanut tank just wouldn't do. I picked up some sheet metal at the local hardware store, measured and cut some pieces to tack together and came up with this
    I'm definitely going to have to get a tig setup if I want to keep doing things like this because even some of my tacks burnt through a bit and when I tried to speed weld it just made the joints look like swiss cheese. but here is what the tank looks like in the frame, I think it will work out great.

    I like where this is going at the moment. I'm going to use a sturmy archer single speed drum brake as a rear hub, possibly a springer fork. as for the rest of the components I dont really know yet.

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    board tracker

    Looks good!
    I am at about the same stage with my BTR build. The tank was much more difficult than I expected and had the same weld problems. My build was a 1950 girls Rollfast with front spring suspension.

    Where did you purchase the rear drum brake and what did it cost?
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    Thanks, I purchased the hub from harris cyclery in newton, ma. I was looking for a single speed drum and I found their website with a great selection of single and multi speed hubs with drum brakes. Mine cost me $115 and it turns out they were a bicycle ride away from my apartment. They are the home of the late Sheldon brown and his wheelbuilding tutorial on their website is the best for begining wheelbuilders.