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    Hello, everyone. I've just been out road testing my second build. This one will be my bike. (First one was for my wife) It seems as though I've got it pretty well adjusted and it's even more comfortable for me than my wife's bike. That one is a bit small for me.
    It's an old Columbia ten-speed. My memory of these bike's is vague. I'm thinking that it was something that you'd buy at K-Mart or Montgomery-Wards
    in, say, 1972. At the same time I think I'm remembering a Columbia that was a bit on the upscale side. A 3-speed that was meant to compete with similar Raleighs, for instance. What do you think? Does that sound right?
    Anyway, here it is. I had to replace the fork with something newer so that I could get wide tires on it. I did away with the derailleur completely so that I could adjust my engine chain exactly as I wanted. So I'm down to one pedalling gear, but I don't care about that. This is going to be a blast. Thanks once again to everyone for terrific info. I don't think it shows in the photo, but I'm using two separate brake levers on the right hand. This was a suggestion from Large Filipino. (thanks) It seems to work just fine.

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    Nice job, good looking ride.
    Thanks for sharing the tip about the front fork.
    I was just looking at an older 10 speed Columbia on craigslist.
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    An older 10 speed Columbia. That's just what this bike is. I think I would be willing to give the thumbs up on it. Installation was very easy, plenty of room. Frame seems to be strong enough. This build seems to vibrate more than my first build, though. But that's not necessarily the fault of the bike. This engine is brand new. And the first build vibrated for about the first day. Then it smoothed out and gained power. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon I'll know if this bike is going to go the same way. That'd be just fine with me.