My Second Whizzer 50 years later

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by galliano, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. galliano

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    Hi. I am new to I had my first Whizzer in 1945 and loved it. In December of 08 I purchased a 08 black 24" NE5. Because of some very severe weather in the Pacific Northwest I have not been able to ride it. Looking forward to getting my 74 year old butt back on that comfortable Whizzer seat.

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    A 1945 Whizzer owner? This is Great!

    There are some guys here who will want to talk to you. You can believe that.
    They're serious Whizzer fans.

    It's too bad the weather has been so bad to you. But it has to end sooner or later.
    I'm willing to bet you'll have a blast then.
  3. galliano

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    Mt first Whizzer

    I assume that the popularity of the the early Whizzers was to ease the gas rationing. I remember my Dad referring to. For me it had nothing to do with conservation:)) I was hooked to anything that had a gas motor that could move you. I even tried to rig up and ride the first power mower my dad bought. that did not work so well. The Whizzer motor bike was a dream come true for a young guy in those days.
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    Welcome to MBc! I have an '05 NE5, and it's a really fun ride. As Bluegoatwoods said, there are a lot of serious Whizzer fans on this site, so welcome to the club, so to speak. Enjoy the ride!

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  5. JE

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    Welcome to the board. I own a 08 Black 26" Whizzer and live in woodburn Oregon. We should go for a ride when the weather clears up.

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  6. galliano

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    Thanks for the invite.

    Yes. I would enjoy riding with another Whizzer lover. . I am still in the process of getting mine fully assembled. Had a problem with the sprocket not being connected to the pedal shaft, so there was slippage.
    The only way to start it was to run alongside it...not the best method for a 74 year old Whizzer jockey. The company has been most helpful in sending the proper parts. Still lacking a couple but hopefully this coming week I will be up and running. Thanks for the invite and safe riding. B galliano
  7. JE

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    You have a very knowlagable whizzer Dealer in you're Back yard. Bill Green is right off SR500 and has been a great help with getting mine to run great.
  8. galliano

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    Whizzer Dealer Close by

    Thank You. I am aware of this Vancouver Dealer. Also aware of one in Portland Oregon.