My security camera was green laser attacked

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    This happened a few months back. When I viewed the playback, the camera was dead. I reviewed the hard drive, and to my surprise was witnessing a 5 minute warm up time, then a direct energy blast for a few seconds that killed my camera. I thought about this for a long time. What I did was buy some green laser goggles, and grind out a small circle from the plastic lenses. Then I mounted the green lens in front of the camera lens and remounted it on the house. I think I got them now. The camera didn't have night vision, and the new green lens blocks some light, but it still gives a good picture in direct sunlight. The crimes only happen during the day, although the laser attack took place at night time.

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    What color is the filter? I have blue laser safety glasses, for my blue laser, and they are red. The reverse is also true. I have another pair that are dual broadband, covering ultraviolet to blue, and near infrared. Those are a pale green color. Green being the middle of the visible band that they don't cover. A green filter would have to be any other color than green.

    Suggestion, replace that camera with a dummy, or put the dead one back, as a diversion, and put up another camera in a more concealed position, so they burn the dead one, whilst the new hidden camera they don't know about catches them dead to rights? If you use a dummy, you could install a phototransistor that will trigger when they light it up, activating an alarm or otherwise letting you know however you want it to. "HERE I AM, HERE I AM, WITH MY LASER!". It certainly won't false alarm every time a cat walks by.

    I see this post is a couple of months old, how did it go, did you catch the little punks or not, what happened?
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    both good responses.

    a green filter will only pass green... you want the...i would assume opposite but when dealing with filters it isnt always logical... anyway. i would assume purple to be the best for green filtering... green for purple... i once had a welding screen that was orange and wow, it was awesome but alas, never to be found again... anyways. you want whatever colour you ARENT trying to filter...

    and the dummy being OBVIOUS, the real one being the nasty little pinhole thats hidden in a tree or aerial mast and sets off for ten minutes or so whenever the sensor detects movement/someone crosses the beam, etc etc...cameras and such forth are getting pretty small these days ;) and as for triggers... passive IR motion detectors, invisible beams, touchpads...

    interesting how the same topics in life pop up online... i havent even looked at cameras but i was just thinking of setting one or two up again... annoying when you go to use your lathe and find the chuck has been pinched... i have an "open air" workshop. very trusting...
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    Yeah, I was a little curious about the color of green safety glasses, since green is right in the middle of the visible band, what would be the opposite?

    The way to go with cameras, if you are up to it, is with network IP cameras. They are self contained computers that connect to your router, wired or wireless (wireless cams have both). You access them through your web browser. Port forward correctly, or install a program that does it, and now you can watch and control them live, through your internet connection. Security software for them has software motion detection, that watches for a change in the picture, and can exclude certain areas. That in turn can record the event, and my favorite, upload to an external server. That way when the steal the computer, they don't get the video of them doing it. I had lots of fun with that, watching my cameras from my smartphone.

    I don't know what the hell to call that, orange?