My set up so far...


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Jul 19, 2008
Yorkville, Il
It is still in the build stage. John Deere T30c (30cc), a Wal-Mart bike (Next Shocker, with a BMX style handlebar, by me), a road tire in the back, and a mini bike wheel. I took the wheel, ground the weld in the center that holds on the rim halves, and knocked off the halves. That left me with a greaseable, ball bearinged, 1 5/8" diameter shaft 6" long.

The weld-a-pulleys that Farm & Fleet sells, made by Weasler, also fit sprockets. The W series pullies and sprockets have an inside diameter of
1 5/8", go figure. I'm using a 19t #40 sprocket on the roller, and an 11t sprocket on the engine. Just ordered, not received. That gives a drive ratio of 1.72:1. My tire to roller ratio is 16:1. Even if my engine doesn't pull great, it can be modified, or just use it as an assist, as I like to haul when I ride my bike pedal power.

I figure I can leave the #40 chain a little loose, and not worry about it falling off, as I don't want to burn the bushing in my trimmer clutch. I'll probably install a bearing on the very end of the clutch to help preserve the bushing.

Will post pics when the build commences.
It's been a long time. I gave up on it when I ran the engine without the clutch drum and the shoes exploded. I parked it since 2008.

Fast forward to 2011. I lost my license. I bought new clutches and a 35cc Stihl saw carb. I had to JB Weld the carb adapter and hog it out to match the new carb. Today I ordered the remaining parts to finish the jackshaft.

I have no idea what year the bike is, but it's an old Schwinn Typhoon with a two speed axle. I have it geared about 12.2:1 for an engine rpm of 4000 at 25mph.



just what are u trying to do here GOOD LUCK

About 25mph.. :D

I attached a 5.5" pulley on the axle, and will be running it to a 2" pulley on a jackshaft which is rotated by a 51T sprocket which in turn is rotated by an 11T sprocket on the clutch. I'm just waiting for my bearings, weldable hub, and chain from Surplus Center.

The carb upgrade was because I robbed the original for a customer's trimmer after my original clutch shoes exploded. A 30cc needs all the help it can get.