my shwinn bike

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by cspaur13, Dec 18, 2008.

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    Good looking build. Your wiring is very tidy. It looks like a great way to get to the beach.
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    A great looking machine.

    Chain looks a bit loose, though.
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    Nice Build.. is that a point beach looks just like mine execpt black.
    It's a good cruiser, for a nice layed back kinda ride. Just be sure to check all your hardware on the bike often, my rear hub got loose and also the kickstand. But it's been a dependable bike for me. I Wish i was able to keep my rear rack like yours, The GEBE had a slight problem with it and the rear fender also....
    anyone need a rack and fender ?????
  5. cspaur13

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    its a schwinn del mar
  6. Schwinn DelMar

    THe DelMar isnt Aluminum but I think the Pt beach was wasnt it.
  7. Keep the chain ant tighter than that and youll have bearing problems occuring.Looks good Man.
  8. Looks really nice, just needs a front springer fork, analog speedo and bullet style or motorbike headlights.
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    im gonna get some motercycle headlights soon. i also am putting my boost bottle on there tonight and im getting my 36t sprcket in this week and im going to buy a racing carb and possibley black out the whole bike. paint the engine, mufler ect.
  10. I am actually thinking about usung mild steel 1/16" flat stock strips for the back rack and the fenders. Good Quality for a Bicycle FOR SURE But using these with an Engine has to have some Reprocutions maybe as small as light Vibration or Possible Visual Woble. So the 1/16" is such an easy upgrade if you can find mils steel strap mide as well.The Bike is the Best Cruiser I have to offer at this time myself. The Bike feels so much like a Cycle I mean it really is there!

    Oh It is a little heavier. Id consider ordering one of these Barrells the Intake and Exhaust ports are the ones for the 3mm Bigger intake and exhaust flange Alot closer to a tuned Jug plus you can add a bosster drilled and tapped and some other options as this Sleeve is STEEL and I beleive it is set in Cast Iron. These are heavy. I can get them. I have the option to on my Engines I just dont have the Carb or Exhaust at this time. The Chrome Is a lot lighter and will have less friction(More power) But the port size difference and port timing would allow further power increase. Pretty durastic. I beleive you can get a replacement Carb (the 3mm LargerTube and Carb) from(Grube) Spooky Tooth Soon. He also has some tuned off road pipes that would be nice to add a Catalytic converter too. I offered to do the design to Don but so far He'd rather me become a Distributer For Him before he sent me a pipe or 5 at a certain low price to start working with( a come up of a really sound Idea) and that I should just purchase the Pipe off Spooky Tooth. So hes not really concerned with the whole touching Bases with the On road thing with these. He actually sounded more like he wants to pay for the tools that he bought to produce the Rat Expansion Chamber FIRST And I cant say I disagree. Cause they are going to have to get a Spark arrester on them before they are even close to being ORV Registerable. So **** push them till its paid for and well find a solution. None of us are rich. But we seem to getter done . Watch. If your interested in these performance tips for the DellNMar and arent sure WHere to get them you can call me at for Number. Oh Spookys got 30 Expansion Chambers coming hope they are available to the General public instead of the people that tear up Lawns of Nice Folks in packs of 200 Riders. They wont last long that way any how.

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    i got my new carb from spookey tooth.
  12. good price Huh went down quite a bit. I was looking at it too.
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    yea its a real good price. i couldnt find it cheaper any where else.