Tubes My Simple Solution for Flat Free Riding - Using Serfas Drifters

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by AndyT, Sep 19, 2009.

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    I have been seeing posts on how to eliminating flats, and IMO allot of us are going a bit overboard. I have read recommendations for dual rim protectors, electrical tape, tuffy liners, flat free tubes, puncture resistant tires, and more (sometimes all at once). I road raced bicycles a few years back and found that these solutions add weight and extra rolling resistance. That can mean poor handling, slower speeds and higher fuel consumption.

    My solution is to use Velox fabric rim tape over the spokes instead of those cheap rubber protectors. The stuff is indestructible and never needs to be replaced. I use standard tubes (not extra thick, flat proof or slime filled), and run Serfas Drifter puncture resistant tires. As long as you keep enough air in the tires (55 lbs minimum) to keep from getting pinch flats (caused by the tire collapsing and pinching the tube against the rim), it would take a real disaster to cause a flat. So far I have had no problems at all in a couple of hundred miles. The Drifter tires roll nicely and handle very well.

    Using this approach, you can keep you wheels light, and keep rolling resistance down to a minimum. This helps your handling, makes pedaling easier and increases your mileage.

    Velox Rim Tape

    Serfas Drifter Tires

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    I just use no mor flats they are the only thing to combat the poor road maintenance in Sunny Arizona. It does not exist at all.
    They dig holes in the road and never patch em.
    Turn a corner at 20mph or faster, that you rode over yesterday and find a three foot wide eight inch deep hole.
    Surprise .
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    Sounds like "no more wheels" would be more like it!
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    Those look like nice tires. On a tour bike i go with puncture resistant tubes with vtec, extra rolling resistance not too important.
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    Oops, i meant puncture resistant tubes and TRUE GOO.
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    I can understand the puncture resistant tubes, but that goo stuff causes your tires to go out of balance, and adds loads of extra weight. Weight is the enemy of any man powered or motorized vehicle, especially when added to the wheels.

    My point of starting this thread, is that I see everyone using puncture resistant tires, puncture resistant tubes and GOO. In my opinion that's overkill, wastes fuel and could
    cause handling issues. I'm taking the minimalist approach, but then I don't mind taking a risk now and then.

    That said, I agree that you will never get a flat, unless the tube or tire fails. ;)
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